Zoë Randolph

Zoë Randolph

Writer • Content Strategist

Let me grab a pen.

Hey, I'm Zoë.

I tackle history, culture, and the occasional content marketing project.

Whether I'm writing 8,000 words on the hunt for a long-lost Nazi, a hot take about The Bachelorette, or a book about content marketing, I write to teach readers new things and have fun doing it.



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Damn Interesting

Hunting for Kobyla

Damn Interesting

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Grounded - print

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I work with companies to define their voice, plan strategically, and write great content customers want to read.

  • Strategic messaging

  • Content strategy

  • Copywriting (eBooks, blogs, web, etc.)

  • Editing and rebranding

  • Book ghostwriting


The Book

Co-authored with Kapost (now Upland Software) co-founder Toby Murdock, Mastering One Voice is a fable and field guide to the world of content operations.

Mastering One Voice

"Crisp, generous, and savvy."
JEFFREY MACINTYRE • Principal, Bucket Studio

"Well worth the read and more worth diligently applying what it has to say.”
SPENCER WIXOM • VP of Marketing, Challenger

"A must-read for marketing and content professionals at all levels."
COLLEEN JONES • Founder, Content Science


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